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Yard Care Service in the South Burnett

Transform your yard or business with a lawn maintenance plan...

Commercial Yard Care

Elevate your South Burnett commercial property's street appeal with our comprehensive lawn and garden maintenance services. We take care of everything from enhancing aesthetics to boosting staff and client satisfaction.

Lawn mowing service Kingaroy

Lawn Mowing Service

Transform your home's curb appeal with our professional lawn mowing service. Sit back and enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn that will leave your neighbours wanting theirs just as awesome!

NDIS and aged care service Kingaroy

Aged Care & NDIS Service

South Burnett Yard Care services Aged Care and NDIS clients through our partners SB Care, and South Burnett CTC. Eligible participants can access our service. READ MORE

Lawn mowing near me
Kingaroy Lawn mowing service

Why Choose Us for Lawn Maintenance?

Our pride lies in a reliable, set-and-forget scheduled lawn mowing service to clients in Kingaroy and South Burnett. We emphasise our commitment to sustainability by using quality equipment and battery-powered equipment. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we pursue an excellent finish in every service we provide.

Elevate Your Home or Business Yard

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We are committed to being eco-friendly and reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we have embraced using battery-powered equipment for our yard care services. An off-grid solar power system recharges our batteries. Our clients can enjoy some advantages of  battery-powered equipment:

Lawn mowing service near me
Reduced Noise: Battery equipment is quieter, providing less disruption to you and your neighbours.
Zero Fumes: Unlike petrol or two-stroke motors, battery equipment does not produce toxic fumes.
Zero Emissions: Battery equipment reduces the use of fossil fuels and has zero emissions.
Positive impact on the local community: By choosing SBYC, you support eco-friendly practices.

Our Services

Elevate your business with a garden maintenance plan for your commercial premises. South Burnett Yard Care offers quality and consistent service to ensure your business front is appealing and enticing to customers. It does not pose a hazard to you, your staff, or your customers. With decades of experience in high-risk heavy industry and having deep knowledge of Process Safety, we can ensure work is carried out to help your business to comply with workplace safety requirements.

Our lawn maintenance services go beyond just mowing. We offer comprehensive lawn mowing and yard maintenance services with eco-friendly, battery-powered equipment. Services include edging, weed control, and seasonal garden clean-ups.  We have the skills and tools to transform your yard into a stunning outdoor space.

South Burnett Yard Care is proud to be qualified and equipped to work with NDIS participants and Aged Care clients living at home. Offering comprehensive yard care and home maintenance, and lawn mowing service. We understand the importance of creating safe and accessible outdoor spaces for clients to enjoy and utilise their outdoor spaces fully. 

Our Elevated Yards in Kingaroy

More Yard Care Services

Gutter Cleaning: Our team are fully qualified for work at heights to maintain your water catchment, gutters and strainers.
Garden Tidy: Trimming small trees, hedging, weed control, and removing green waste.
Installation of Non-slip Stair Treads: Ensure home safety is paramount by installing non-slip stair nose treads.

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Lawn mowing Kingaroy

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Elevate your outdoor space with seasonal lawn & garden maintenance. From mowing and edging in summer to tidy-ups, hedging, and mulching in winter. Achieve a beautiful outdoor space with South Burnett Yard Care.

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