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About South Burnett Yard Care

South Burnett Yard Care evolved from a sister business, 3 Field Solutions, a part of Three Field Group Pty Ltd.  We aim to provide a reliable and professional lawn mowing service and yard maintenance to the South Burnett Communities by offering a core service to Aged Care and NDIS clients. Our services stretch beyond assisting commercial, government and real estate sectors with an eco-friendly service in mind.

Eco-friendly with Battery Powered Equipment

At South Burnett Yard Care, we are committed to being eco-friendly and reducing our carbon footprint. We have embraced using battery-powered equipment for our yard care services. We contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment by opting for battery-powered tools. These eco-friendly tools produce zero emissions and eliminate the need for fossil fuels, minimising air and noise pollution. By choosing South Burnett Yard Care, you support a sustainable local business and cultivate a greener community together.

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Battery Powered Yard Maintenance

Additionally, an off-grid solar power system recharges our battery-powered equipment. Not only does our battery-powered equipment help us create a more sustainable future, but they also allow us to provide our clients with a quieter and fume-free experience. 

Certified for NDIS and Aged Care

The South Burnett Yard Care team goes above and beyond to ensure the highest level of service and support for NDIS participants and Aged Care Clients. We are proud to hold various certifications and qualifications demonstrating our commitment to their well-being and safety providing a reliable trustworthy and secure environment, while maintaining outdoor spaces and home maintenance requirements.

NDIS Worker Orientation Certified and NDIS Inducted

Blue Card, Yellow Card, and Police Clearance

COVID Vaccinated

Mental Health First Aid Certified

Working at Heights Certified

Chemical Accrediataion Training

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South Burnett Yard Care, Sister Business of 3 Field Solutions.

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