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Servicing Aged Care Clients Though Our Partners

South Burnett Yard Care and sister business 3 Field Solutions takes pride in serving our aged care clients and NDIS participants living at home through our trusted partners, SB Care and South Burnett CTC. We understand the unique needs of our clients and the importance of maintaining well-kept outdoor spaces that contribute to a welcoming and nurturing environment. With our lawn mowing service and home maintenance expertise, we work closely with SB Care, South Burnett CTC and other  NDIS Plan Managers to deliver tailored services that meet the specific requirements of each home. 

From regular lawn mowing service to garden upkeep, we strive to create outdoor spaces that promote tranquility, accessibility, and an enhanced quality of life. With our dedicated team and commitment to exceptional customer service, South Burnett Yard Care is the reliable choice for ensuring the outdoor areas of our clients living at home are beautifully maintained, providing comfort and enjoyment for our client and their families.

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NDIS Service Providers For Yard Maintenance

South Burnett Yard Care is proud to be qualified and equipped to work with NDIS participants, offering comprehensive yard care, lawn mowing services and home maintenance services. We understand the importance of creating safe and accessible outdoor spaces for individuals with disabilities, and our team is trained to meet the unique needs and requirements of NDIS participants.

From lawn mowing to garden maintenance, we ensure that every aspect of the yard is tailored to enhance independence and enjoyment. With our compassionate approach and attention to detail, South Burnett Yard Care strives to create an inclusive and inclusive environment that empowers NDIS participants to fully enjoy and utilize their outdoor spaces.

Certified For NDIS and Aged Care

The South Burnett Yard Care team goes above and beyond to ensure the highest level of service and support for NDIS participants. We are proud to hold various certifications and qualifications that demonstrate our commitment to their well-being and safety. Our team is NDIS Worker Orientation Certified, NDIS Inducted, and possesses Blue Card, Yellow Card, and Police Clearance, guaranteeing a trustworthy and secure environment. Additionally, we prioritize the health of our staff and clients by maintaining COVID vaccinations. Furthermore, our team is Certified for Mental Health First Aid, equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide sensitive and understanding care. With South Burnett Yard Care, NDIS participants can trust that their yard care and home maintenance needs are in capable and compassionate hands.

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Servicing our NDIS and Aged Care clients as 3 Field Solutions, a part of Three Field Group PTY LTD.

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